Forward Head Posture Fix Ebook Reviews

forward head posture fix

Forward Head Posture Fix Ebook Reviews – If you find yourself experiencing back, shoulder and neck strain from poor posture, this Forward Head Posture Fix program is the solution you have been looking for. Many of us have a mostly sedentary lifestyle that involves a few hours per day of sitting in a desk. Unfortunately, this may result in poor posture that can cause additional strain on the shoulders, neck and back. As well, this type of poor posture can result in an increase in stress and anxiety in addition to making you feel tired and depressed.

Stop for a moment and pay attention to the way that you are sitting. Is your back straight and so are your shoulders back? Or, like many people, are you hunched forward together with your neck and head extended towards the computer screen? For those who have poor posture and you sit with your shoulders hunched along with your neck forward, you are causing unnecessary pain to your body and injury to your spinal cord. When you retrain your body to sit with proper posture, you are going to reduce that pain, protect your spine and feel strong and balanced.

Users of the Forward Head Posture Fix program have mentioned that it helped to decrease pain, ease tension and resulted in better posture, which made them appear taller and check younger. Also, it helped with headaches and muscle soreness a result of improper posture. The benefits of increasing your posture are lots of and this program makes it easy to discover how, by laying it all out step by step with helpful videos to follow.

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

In regards to the Author

The Forward Head Posture Fix program was created by Mike Westerdal, who is a fitness author, sports nutrition expert, fitness expert and the founding father of He has worked together with Rick Kaselj, who may be an injury specialist and kinesiologist. They have developed what he calls the “sequential flow” technique as a way to correct this damaging forward head posture

Mike Westerdal earned his BC from Central CT State University where he also played 4 years of D-IAA football. He went to coach football in Europe after college and that he also obtained certification being a personal trainer using the American Council on Exercise. He writes for various magazines about resistance training, exercise and health. He or she is also an amatuer powerlifter and has competed in the APA and APF federations. In terms of strength, muscles, posture, spinal health and the entire body he is extensively knowledgeable.

Forward Head Posture Fix Reviews

Forward Head Posture Fix Reviews

Summary of the Forward Head Posture Fix Program

The Forward Head Posture Fix program outlines the special “sequential flow” technique that will help to coach your body away from poor posture habits. You’ll learn so much from the program, including how to determine the damage already caused to your shoulders, neck and back is permanent or can be fixed.

The Forward Head Posture Fix program will outline many little things that you can do to prevent the discs with your neck from being damaged any further. Furthermore, it contains information regarding Dowager Hump, which is a serious rounding in the back that may be caused by poor posture.

If you purchase the Forward Head Posture Fix program you will receive the main manual, as well as the step-by-step videos featuring expert Rick Kaselj. These videos will give you a visual demonstration of the strategies, which makes everything much easier to understand. You will be able to go by along with the videos so that you can execute every step within the “sequential flow”. Also, the program contains several extra bonuses as well.

It features the “10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions” guide, which will help to fix poor sleep quality and the negative health problems that it will result in. Also, it contains the “Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit” video which will outline the lifestyle factors which will lead to forward head posture and back problems. It will inform you on practical tips for changes you can make in your lifestyle to enable you to eliminate these problems.

Forward Head Posture Fix

Forward Head Posture Fix

Advantages of the Forward Head Posture Fix Program

The program addresses the issue of forward head posture, and this is known as “texting neck.” Instead of a straight posture or a powerful strong chest, the shoulders are hunched forward and the back is curved. The head is drooping down, usually from staring at a computer screen or possibly a smartphone. This poor posture is unhealthy and it also looks unsightly and weak.

The program offers simple exercises that can be done which will restore balance to your posture, make you stronger, improve your mental performance, reduce pains and aches and protect the health of your spine. The neck is supposed to remain straight and vertical so that it can support the weight in the head in the straight line down through your body. If the neck is forward then your weight of the head (approximately 10-12 pounds) pulls about the neck and puts pressure on the spine. When you slouch with your head forward it will make you look as much as two inches shorter and 5-ten pounds heavier than you really are.

The benefits of the program go beyond the physical. Poor posture may also have an effect on mood, which can decrease your energy and lead to a depressed state. Correcting your forward head posture will likely improve the standard of your sleep and aid to open up your airway to help with snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Also, because this neck posture decrease breathing and reduces lung capacity, correcting it will help you to acquire more oxygen and perform better athletically.

the way to fix forward head posture


Poor posture is a bad habit that can cause you a lot of strain and damage, but it’s possible to fix it and retrain your body. The Forward Head Posture Fix program causes it to be simple, by outlining the exercises you can do and explaining them visually so that they are easy to follow. Why spend your days suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain and damaging the body, when you can discover ways to stand and sit strong and tall?

Download the Forward Head Posture Fix program so that you can start making healthy changes and correct your posture today.

Mike Westerdal, one of the guys behind Forward Head Posture Fix Reviews, says there are some unique exercises that we can do to counteract our bad habits and correct the issue once and for all. But, is the program actually worth buying? This review of Forward Head Posture Fix Review will take a look at exactly what the program is, what benefits are promised, and whether or not it could work.

Note: After this review I’ve included a hyperlink to Mike’s official website that will provide the program in the cheapest price WITH a 60 day money-back guarantee!

Exactly What Is Forward Head Posture Fix Reviews?

It is a combination DVD and book that can help you understand exactly why you are experiencing forward head posture, the way is affecting you (which can be more than you know), and how to remedy it. You will find exercises, demonstrated by the man behind this information, Rick Kaselj MS, so that you can quickly figure out what you should do and just how you need to do it.

The video component has three sections:

First, you will learn exactly what the exercise should really do, how to do it properly, and what you need to be feeling when you undertake it.

Second, you will be taken step-by-step through the movements in a follow along format.

Third, you will learn how to make the movements either harder or easier for you for the way you did with the original movements.

Along with the main component of this software that explains all about restoring your forward head posture, you will get access to two bonuses.


Click here to get access to the two bonuses and the full program.

The first one will help you understand where your low back pain comes from and ways to fix it. The 2nd one will allow you to figure out how you can get a better night’s sleep.

How Exactly Does It Work?

This program works together specific exercises in a sequential flow. You work each muscle in a very specific order to help you loosen the muscles and help your sternocleidomastoid work properly. The sternocleidomastoid is actually a muscle that is certainly essential to strengthen if you want to fix your alignment. In fact, Mike says that once you strengthen it, your head and body will belong to alignment naturally. This will remove tension from the back and spine, keep the windpipe clear, and allow you to take bigger breaths of air into the lungs, which will benefit your entire body.

This program surpasses gaining a greater posture, though. It works from the head down to help you develop a healthier, less painful body, which will benefit you in many ways, including heightened concentration and memory, increased energy, improved capacity to heal, a stronger heart, a stabilized nervous system, less pain, and improved digestion.

As you can see, an improved posture can have a domino effect and improve other areas of your body, which can result in better overall health.

About Rick and Mike

Rick and MikeWhile Mike Westerdal is the guy behind creating this program, Rick Kaselj MS is the guy behind the details in this program and the unique sequence of movements that assist to fix the forward head posture. Rick has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, and then he has been concentrating on creating exercise programs for people recovering from injuries since 1994. While he is successful with his online programs, they have also worked offline in a training studio, recreation center, physical therapy clinic, rehab center, and a large commercial gym.

To learn more about Rick, Mike along with their posture fix program, click the link to visit their official website.


The complete sequential flow only takes about fifteen minutes a day.

No equipment found it necessary to do or benefit from the program.

You can adapt the movements to be harder or easier, depending on your abilities and luxury.

Results are said to come after the very first time going through the whole sequential flow.

Suitable for anyone suffering from forward head posture.

You can learn the way the movements are performed and how they ought to feel for maximum performance and benefit.

Enhance the muscle that assists your entire body move into alignment.

Increase the amount of oxygen inside your body for added benefits.

Look 10 pounds lighter simply by improving your posture.

Reduce headaches and other pains caused by poor posture.

Improve brain health for better concentration and focus.

You can get a digital version to download and commence using within a few minutes.

You can get a printed version sent to your door combined as well as the digital version.


If you are suffering from back or neck pain not caused by forward head posture, or if you have had surgery or your neck is fused, then you may want to ask your doctor regarding the program before you decide to try it.

This software can take approximately six weeks for optimum effect. This means you need to stay committed to this software for up to six weeks.

For the first few times, in which you don’t be aware of sequential flow, it may take beyond 15 minutes to function through the sequence.

Where To Buy & The Guarantee

You can get this program straight from the Forward Head Posture Fix Review website – just click here to visit the website in a new window. There, you can learn more concerning the program, and choose whether to get it delivered digitally instantly or get a copy of the program delivered straight to your door.

When you order through the site, furthermore you will be given a 60-day money back refund. Considering Mike says you will observe results within days, this will give you sufficient time to try out this software and decide when it works for you or not. If it doesn’t, the money-back guarantee is a no-hassle guarantee, so simply contact them and request your refund.

Discount Pricing on Website

Will This Work?

Mike is positive that this is the means to fix forward head posture. Rick Kaselj MS is a kinesiologist that created Unlock Your Hip Flexors, and he introduced Mike with his fantastic team to the sequence that only took 15 minutes. All the guys benefited from it.

The truth is, Mike was able to hit a fresh personal record on his deadlift in a few days after starting this sequence thanks to his capability to keep his spine neutral. Those results are what encouraged Mike to persuade Rick to share the info that eventually made its way into the Forward Head Posture Fix Review.

From this Forward Head Posture Fix review, it’s hard to imagine it won’t work. But, if it doesn’t, then you can get your money back. Just be sure to put in the full six weeks first before you ask for a refund. It’s better to try it out completely and get no results than to quit just until you are about to have the results you are interested in. Click here to acquire the program at the discounted price or perhaps to just find out more on the official website.

Forward Head Posture Fix Review:

Are you looking for an overview of Mike Westerdal and Rick Kasel Forward Head Posture Fix ? You are in the right place! Have you figured out, low energy, shortness of breath, inebriation, and neck and back discomfort are just some of the difficulties you may have problems with? But why? How a perfectly healthy, athletic person that eating well and trains still suffer? Allow me to explain … Over 90% of US population has been suffering from forward head posture or texting neck. This is a problem that nobody is tackling, that doctors are not able to diagnose and that creates just as many health risks as obesity … and you’re likely to suffer from it, too.

It affects almost everyone, no matter what your age and fitness level. This can be a problem that originates within just one area of your body but affects the overall health, including your mental and your health. Forward head posture fixes it the simplest program will immediately boost your position for greater strength, better health and energy … in less than fifteen minutes a day. In order to stand up, look slimmer, increase your breathing and sleep while to get rid of sms messages the neck, you must apply for this Forward Head Posture Fix program.

Few Information About Forward Head Posture:

Your neck is made to remain upright, keeping your unwanted weight in the skull ideal line from the top of the head right down using your body to your feet. When you look at yourself in the mirror from the side, your ear, shoulder along with your hips must be all within a straight line down to the surface. If it is unaligned and your ear t is in front of shoulders it’s a sure sign of the position of the head forward. The thing is, the average head weighs 10-12 pounds. Once your head fits perfectly in your neck and shoulders, our bodies naturally adjusts to hold this weight. But if your head is constantly pulling forward, pulling the extra weight of your go on the neck and puts pressure about the spine. Once your head is pulled forward the additional pressure on the neck, shoulders and back rises sharply causing serious tissue damage.

The truth is, every inch of your head is pushed forward from the natural position adds an extra 10 pounds of stress about the neck, shoulders, back and spine. That’s why you might have developed that ugly hump below the neck; to combat stress keeping your head up, the body’s reaction has been to increase bone mass and adipose tissue in order to compensate and protect the spine from the C7 vertebrae. Forward head postures not just create looking uncomfortable … Irrespective of how hard you train or how well you eat, if you do not start fixing your head posture at this time, it will not be possible to reverse the damage has already been done.

Introduction Of Forward Head Posture Fix:

Improve your posture and eliminating forward head position could not be easier using the means of “serial stream.” You have to hit the muscles from different directions with a mix of exercise methods to properly target them. Knowing the correct way to do it, you can learn how you can fix the positioning on your own. The right way is forward head posture fix. Forward Head Posture Fix Review is an easy program which can be used to immediately boost your position for greater strength, better health insurance and energy … in less than 15 minutes a day.

There is not any other program forward position of the head on the market today that provides more efficient correction in just quarter-hour of movement. Forward Head Posture Fix program is best suited for people who suffer from a forward head posture, no matter the stage it’s at. Rick uses a mixture of different methods to “disentangle” the muscles from the neck, So you can get an overall health benefit… The techniques are below..

Muscle re-education drills

Breathing exercises

Mobility exercises

Deep cervical flexor training

Self massage

Static stretching

Postural strengthening

Rick pulled all his knowledge and experience to provide focused, effective program with “serial stream” 10 exercises, chosen for their simplicity and efficiency.

Forward head posture fixes DVD-Video: In each video, of Rick carefully guides you through each exercise with detailed explanation on how to set up the first time, targeting the right muscle. The video is split into three sections.

Forward head posture fixes manual: Video sequences are powerful, but it’s an additional guide that goes deeper in to the root factors behind head posture forward, why leave it untreated can lead to lasting damage to your state of health and ways to instantly slow down the damage you are doing to your spine and neck. Using a Forward head posture fix manual in just a quarter-hour a day, you will feel incredible results that will make an immediate impact on your health and how you look within the mirror.


What Will You Discover From Forward Head Posture Fix?

How 10 simple exercises will quickly restore balance within your posture enables you to stronger physically, mentally sharper and maximize performance.

You will discover how your poor head Pose causes one to look ten pounds heavier and two inches shorter than you actually are.

How women can instantly place their breasts look bigger and slimmer waist through this quick routine head forward posture.

How is your neck curve should look and feel, and how you can begin to make simple changes to prevent the disks from the joints in the neck from degenerating further.

Why is forward head posture, probably consequently your body, bones and joints to deteriorate faster than normal, and you can instantly stop the clock on the rapid aging process.

Why it might be too far gone to fix injury to the neck, back and shoulders, and is exactly what you need to do, to discover be it possible to turn back your body clock before the damage becomes permanent .


Low Back Pain Lifestyle Audit: Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit video presentation that can help you instantly identify the factors at home or at work is causing the problem. It provides a detailed presentation of the practical, intelligent tricks to make small changes in the present of life, which will possess a positive affect on your health far into the future.

10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions: 10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions is a practical guide to the dream of your greatest nights ever – giving you more energy and more vitality – without drugs. The report page you will find 10 of the best techniques for getting you’be always craved sleep so you can start every day to feel your strongest and many energetic ever.


Benefits And Drawbacks Of Forward Head Posture Fix:

Using this program, you may able to test the results from the first time you decide to go through “a consistent flow.”

Forward Head Posture Fix was built for at least 3 x a week for six weeks to get maximum effect. Of course, you may go beyond 6 weeks and include exercise into your regular program.

Rick was specific about supplying the full range of 10 exercises will not take more than 15 minutes. Once you have learned the sequence several times, it should take less time to accomplish.

These exercises are designed to be conducted and completed without any special equipment. That can be done the exercises while standing, sitting or on the floor.

Rick also presented swaps exercise for any movements that are either too difficult or too easy for you.

Once you’ve entered your credit card details and click send, your payment will be processed and you will receive shortly sign on through the information on your e-mail account.

Forward Head Posture FIX fails to give any results quickly. You have to work on a specific week to see remarkable results.

It is available in Online only instead of offered in Paper format.

Forward Head Posture Fix Testimonial

My Recommendation:

I am certain you will see results within a couple of days, I am happy to make this daring promise that if you are unhappy for any reason, he insist on supplying you with a full, hassle-free, no-questions-asked refund -asked refund. Instead, from the 1st time you watch a video walkthrough with Rick, you know exactly why this program has become so popular, you will certainly be almost immediate use. Within 15 minutes every day, you will find this software very easy to include into your daily routine and within a week you will notice the little aches and pains inside your shoulders, back and neck disappeared.

You feel more potent, more powerful and feel more energetic. After only a week, you are already experiencing a feeling of rotation of the head of individuals at work and random comments about your sudden weight loss. You wake up each morning with a bursting vitality and health right after the best sleep. You really feel younger, After several months, you gaze at yourself in the mirror and see that you look well informed and more compact, and then you will remember today as the moment you took a decision that changed everything. Make the choice right now.